Website Development using WordPress and Core Php

Website Development using WordPress and Core Php

Website Development using WordPress, Core Php and Rest API

We integrated a School’s Clerical Processes Online by offering our Website Development Services to them. A visionary of a school has to be foresighted. It is inevitable that the future of thousands of students depends on his vision. Hence, we had to give them consultation sessions to develop their understanding of making the right choice.

About the Client

The client is a CBSE-affiliated school. It has had good curricular and extracurricular records with the students. When it comes to technology, this school has evolved to be a trailblazer in the district as well as the state.

Industry – Education

Tools & TechnologiesWordPress, MySQL, Php, External ERP, REST API

Problems –

During the Website Development Services consultancy sessions, our Founder, Ankit, found the following to be the biggest problems that the school was facing. Every other problem was stemming only from these two problems.

Overworked Office Staff
Before we emerged in the picture, the office and clerical staff were mostly engaged in repetitive and redundant tasks.
Even though the school had an ERP, the staff were habitual in doing manual work.

Grievances of Parents and Students
Two or three phones at the reception were insufficient to answer thousands of parents and students. Also, most of the questions asked on the phone were repetitive.


Notice Display
For any notice or update, one had to print the notices on several sheets of paper to display on the notice boards and also to distribute to classes.
Displaying such notices and updates on the website limits the need for printing materials.

Time Table
Printed timetables are displayed on notice boards, distributed to students, or even dictated in classes.
Even a small change or a teacher’s absence creates chaos in the timetable.
Following the ERP integration, we added an option to show the most recent timetable on the website.

Hall of Fame for students
Whenever any student achieves any position, it automatically shows up on the website. Such a position may be curricular, co-curricular, extracurricular, intramural, or extramural.

The school already has a record of the birthdays of students in its ERP. The website automatically displays wishes for such students on their birthdays. This makes them feel spotlighted.
Such a display of honor to students encourages them to keep it up.

There are many documents that many students and their parents need from time to time.
Students changing schools require transfer certificates(TC), which they can apply for through the website.

Teachers’ Documentation
Unlike the traditional system, students and teachers do not have to maintain their diaries daily.
Now, teachers update the record of classwork and homework on the school’s website. All thanks to the ERP integration with the website.

One of the most frequently asked questions on the phone by this school is if school is open on that particular day.
To solve this problem, we integrated an annual calendar on the website to update about different dates.
This calendar also bears the dates of different activities, exams, and Olympiads.

Use Case Outcome

    • The clerical staff have become more organized as their workload has decreased.
    • Most of the tasks have been automated now.
    • Parents and students check the basic details on the website rather than bother the reception desk. Calls have been specific.
    • Most of the processes have been streamlined since they have gone online.