What is an Offshore Development Centre (ODC)?

Think of an offshore development centre as your team away from home that will take care of all your IT needs. Find yourself an offshore development centre that takes care of your tech project at an affordable pricing.

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How to hire .Net developer in 2024?

How is an Offshore Development Centre different from outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the term given to hiring of third-party resources as freelancers, or from an IT consulting firm. These resources will take care of your project while not being a part of your company. They may be located at any part of the world- whether it’s the house next to you, or an office across the globe.

An offshore development centre, or ODC on the other hand is a company that takes up the responsibility of completing a tech project for you. They won’t just supply resources to you, but ensure that they complete the task while maintaining the quality standard.

The dedication you get from an offshore development centre will be leagues ahead from that of outsourced resources.

Experience it for yourself.

Why should you choose TechEnhance as your ODC?

TechEnhance boasts a team of IT professionals who have experience worth decades. With us as your ODC, you get-

  • Freedom from the stress of chasing resources around deadlines
  • Assurance of the best possible quality
  • & in-depth expertise into projects

We are the IT team you have been looking for.

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Benefits of Choosing An Offshore Development Centre

Reduced costs

Benefit from competitive developer rates.

Faster development

Fast & efficient development methodologies.

Complete control

Transparent communication  & performance reports.

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Ankit and team - TechEnhance helped us implement the e-commerce platform. They invested time and efforts in understanding the business well, the targeted customer, etc. They have done a good job and we recommend anyone getting their services. They are thoroughly professional and a matured team
Sumathi Raghu
Sumathi Raghu
Co-Founder | Hita Health Care
Ankit is great to work with. He’s very responsive and always checks in early in his progress to confirm his understanding of deliverables.
June Lau
June Lau
Director | Scissors
Working with Ankit was a great experience - he has always been responsive and delivered quality work in record time. I would recommend TechEnhance for website development and related work.
Priya Nadkarni
Priya Nadkarni
Founder | Mrida Education and Welfare Society
I remember Ankit from college days as a sincere and visionary person. I came to know about him when somebody told me that he has built websites on different topics. Those were the days when Google Adworld was a nascent phenomenon and ankit took it long before it became a rage. I again got in touch with ankit when I needed to get a small webiste done for my idea which was still like a wishlist. One trait that I appreciate about ankit is that he is always straight talker.
Ankit Garg
Ankit Garg
Founder CEO |
Team is very good and they understand the domain very well. It helps to achieve the timelines.
Arpit Sharma
Arpit sharma
Associate Director | Client Solution Advisor
"He is my go to agency for any tech and development related work. Highly recommend!"
Rachna Kabra
Rachna Kabra
Founder | Not In A Dot
Food Box Foundation now has a lovely website, thanks to TechEnhance and Ankit Tayal for making it possible. We are so thankful to Ankit for donating his time and services to our non-profit. Every person and organisation has their way of giving back to society, however here at TechEnhance, the team assists Nonprofits with web development services & full technical support. Contributing your services might sometimes have the same impact as a monetary donation.I'm not sure how much an excellent interface website costs because we received it as a donation from Techenhance. It appears to be fantastic.
Sudhir Singh
Sudhir Singh
Founder & CEO | Food Box Foundation
Looking for an offshore development centre to uplevel your project?


Offshore development involves contracting software development work to companies in a different country, typically with lower labor costs.

Difference between Offshore and Onshore Development:

  • Offshore: Development happens in a foreign country, often with a time zone difference.
  • Onshore: Development is done within your own country.

Benefits of Offshore Software Development:

  • Cost savings: Lower labor rates in offshore locations.
  • Access to talent: Find specialists you might not find locally.
  • Scalability: Easily adjust team size based on project needs.

Offshore vs. Onshore: Better depends on your needs

  • Offshore offers cost savings and talent pool access, but can have communication challenges.
  • Onshore might be easier for communication and collaboration, but typically costs more.
Companies choose offshore development for three key reasons: cost savings due to lower labor rates, access to a wider talent pool with diverse expertise, and easy team size scaling to fit project needs.