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Cloud Consulting Services at TechEnhance bring together expertise & innovation. We seek to create a positive impact on modern businesses. We have affinity for efficiency & our commitment to support. We can help your team experience faster, smarter.
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organisations are using multiple clouds

companies have started believing in a cloud-first approach
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Cloud consulting services
we offer

Cloud consulting services we offer


Cloud Architecture Design

Our cloud consultants will assess the requirements of your business. We will help you build a robust cloud framework on the basis of the analysis. We assess, strategize, design & implement cloud architectures.

Cloud Migration Services

Our team modernizes your cloud applications in a flawless, efficient, & strategic manner. We work with the goal of concluding the migration process without major downtimes. We also use best practices to avoid breaks in the security of data.

Cloud Cost Optimization

We review your current cloud cost expenditure and see where the leaks are. Our experts create a comprehensive cost optimization strategy. Our services help you eliminate gaps and become cost-efficient.

Cloud Application Development/Modernization

We create software that can be managed, and accessed from anywhere around the world. These apps enable scalability and flexibility for a business.

Cloud Security Consulting

Security is fundamental to any cloud infrastructure. Our cloud consultants prioritise the security of your data. We implement the right protocols required to keep your data safe.
The journey towards efficiency

Cloud Transformation Roadmap

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Step 1: Assessment and Planning

Evaluating current IT infrastructure, applications, and workflows to identify suitable candidates for migration.

Step 2: Migration Strategy

Determining the most appropriate migration approach for each workload based on important factors.

Step 3: Migration Execution

Beginning to migrate workloads to the cloud. Our migration plan aims to achieve a disruption-free process.

Step 4: Optimization and Governance

Monitoring cloud usage and costs, optimizing resources to achieve cost-efficiency and higher performance.

Step 5: Integration

Integrating cloud services with existing systems and processes, enabling seamless data flow.

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Clouds we work with!

We audit your current cloud architecture & recognise gaps that are holding you back from enjoying the best performance.
Google Cloud enables businesses with compatibility for Google products, enabling them to build a unified ecosystem.
The versatile cloud solutions offered by AWS enable innovations across the modern cloud-based infrastructures.




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success stories

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TechEnhance is passionate about boosting the productivity of businesses. We use our smart automation solutions to help businesses. With our highly specialized IT solutions, our solutions drive growth and streamline operations.


An AWS cloud consultant specialises in helping businesses migrate their business to the AWS cloud provider.
Cloud engineers design and construct the cloud architecture. Cloud Consultants help businesses migrate to the cloud architecture.
AWS, GCP, and Azure are three of the most prominent cloud technologies available in the market.
AWS is better in terms of interoperability with various tools like GitHub and Linux. Azure is better at native integration.
GCP is better due to its compatibility with Google products which are much easier to use when compared to Microsoft products.