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AI solutions for a brighter future

We are a team that’s passionate about artificial intelligence and everything about it. Scroll below to learn more about some of our favourite AI solutions that enhance productivity.

AI solutions
AI development services

Face Detection- One Of Our Hero AI Solutions

Who needs employee ID cards, when you can have a system to verify them with their faces. One of our hero AI solutions case studies is the face detection system we have built using the LBPH algorithm, OpenCV, & the Python Imaging Library (PIL). This system can use webcams to scan the faces of your employees and display their information on your screen.

RAG based ChatBot using Gemini

Ask a question & our RAG based ChatBot will answer it using the documents you provide it. Gone are the days when you had to read a whole document to get the answer you were looking for. Today, you simply have to supply our ChatBot with your document, & it will use Gemini, & methods like chunking and embedding to get the results you are looking for.

Visual Search

Searching things online using keywords is old news. Visual search is what’s new in trend. It’s a system using which an algorithm can look for images similar to the image you have input. The algorithm would need to interpret your image & then match it with others. How does our system do it? We use ResNet 50 CNN model to convert images into embeddings, then store them in a vector DB. Then we use cosine similarity search to look for images that are similar to embeddings in the vector DB.

RAG based Chatbot using Azure OpenAI and Astra DB

But just a chatbot wasn’t enough for us. We took our RAG based ChatBot and added the power of memory to it. Using Azure, Open AI, and Astra DB, we were able to give our chatbot the ability to reference chat history while answering your questions regarding the document you supply us with. Isn’t that amazing?




Success Stories




success stories

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TechEnhance believes in the productivity-enhancement abilities of AI, and aims to introduce businesses to this possibility. We create AI-powered productivity solutions for businesses and help them experience efficiency like never before.