Staffing and Recruitment Modules Development using Azure Function

Staffing and Recruitment Modules Development using Azure Function

Staffing and Recruitment Modules Development using Azure Function, Cloud Consulting, DevOps Consulting

We worked with a client to build timer jobs & Modules Development using Azure Function, which integrated with their production system. To understand the needs of our clients to the best of our ability, our Founder, Ankit, held multiple consultation sessions with them.

About the Client

This is a staffing and recruitment company based in New Zealand. Its main focus is on helping teachers specializing in Early Childhood Education (ECE) with relevant Early Childhood Care and Relief Centres. To do this, they constantly map the vacant situations across New Zealand and display them on their website. Apart from their website, they also have an app for the same purpose. Further, they also have an extensive support system for job seekers and providers.

Industry – Human Resources(HR)

Tools & TechnologiesCloudOps Development Services, Microsoft Azure, Azure Function, VS Code, Angular, Jasmine & Karma Unit Testing


  • As we all know, HR is a data-heavy industry. The client was in constant need of a solution that could handle all this load efficiently.
  • To help them choose the right solution, we gave them consultation sessions.
  • We took a complete purview of the business along with the project. This helped us infer the impact our project would have on that business.
  • We had set some milestones so that either party could check the progress.
  • There is no doubt that physical storage is affordable when it comes to installation but costly when it comes to maintenance.
  • Cloud Technology, if implemented correctly, can zero a business’ physical data storage and hardware costs. We implemented Cloud Technology in their business. This tremendously reduced their data storage costs.
  • We built several custom modules to integrate with their staffing and recruitment products.
  • The solution we provided integrated well with their production systemMaking use of the right technology at the right time can scale any business, taking it times ahead.

Use Case Outcome

  1. They have both a website and an app.
  2. The client has a specific page for an employer to book an ECE Reliever Teacher.
  3. If the employer has a vacancy for a permanent job, there’s another page for that.
  4. If an ECE teacher is looking for a job, there’s a separate page that can get her this information.
  5. Using a database, they have a platform for users to create accounts, save information, and log in when they need it.