Finance Planning application using ReactJS, NodeJS and MongoDB

Finance Planning application using ReactJS, NodeJS and MongoDB

Finance planning application using ReactJS, NodeJS and MongoDB

We provided our custom software development services to a FinTech Company and built a Finance Planning application for them. Users can come on their website, fill in information, and do finance planning.

About the Client 

The client has a fintech business model for wealth management. It provides busy people with a simplified investment experience. Through their website, subscribers can opt for a personal guide to make better financial decisions.

Industry – FinTech

Tools & TechnologiesReact JS, Node JS, MongoDB


To implement their business model practically, they needed a technical solution.
We provided them with the technical solutions they needed in their Finance Planning application. Also, we gave them our custom software development consultancy services. Our Founder, Ankit, got in touch with them personally to understand and resolve their concerns.

Through this service, we made a financial planning module for them. This tool helps users make decisions concerning their financial planning.

Use Case Outcome

  • To educate himself, an average user can read their blogs.
  • There are two free tools to help you make up your mind about mutual funds.
  • One is the SIP calculator. In this, you have to enter your monthly investment, investment duration, and ROI. Following this, estimates and visualizations would immediately appear.
  • Another tool is the Lumpsum calculator. Here, instead of your monthly investment, you’re supposed to enter your total investment. And that’s it.
  • They have a freeway for the user to build his profile. It requires the following details from a user- investor profile, income and expenses, goal planning, and current investments.
  • They have a portal that the registered users have to log in to access it.
  • Also, they have an app through which the users can access it conveniently.