API Development using ReactJS, NodeJS and Azure AI

API Development using ReactJS, NodeJS and Azure AI

We provided our custom software development services & Cloud Development services to an IT client and built an API for extracting data from images.

About the Client

Client is a small startup focusing on giving custom solutions to the Education & HR sectors.

Industry – IT

Tools & TechnologiesReact JS, Node JS, MySQL, Microsoft Azure AI, Microsoft Azure, CI/CD Pipelines


The TechEnhance worked under the guidance of our Founder, Ankit, to build custom APIs for the client in which users would be uploading different types of images and using Microsoft AI (FormRecognizer); relevant information would be extracted from the image and saved into the Database.

Once data is saved into the MySQL database, a lot of reporting/analytics is done.

Use Case Outcome

Azure AI Document Intelligence in NodeJS and ReactJS application

  1. Azure Document Intelligence uses FormRecognizer API and provides some pre-built models to extract important data from the document file.
  2. In our application, we have used the “Identity documents” pre-built model to extract the important data from the uploaded image.
  3. We have used FormRecognizer API from our NodeJS application; this API uses our Azure AI Document Intelligence resource and gives the extracted data from the document file as the response.

Frontend (ReactJS)

  • We have used ReactJS as the frontend framework to upload the file to the Azure Blob Storage.
  • After uploading the document file to Blob storage completion, ReactJS sends the Blob URL to the NodeJS server.

Backend (NodeJS)

  • NodeJS server takes the URL of the file that has been uploaded to Azure Blob Storage from the front end and calls FormRecognizer API.
  • The FormRecognizer API uses our MS Azure Document Intelligence resource and provides us with extracted data as the response.