Can AI replace Human Intelligence?

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Can AI replace Human Intelligence

2022 was about to end. OpenAI came up with various tools that fascinated people across the world.

One of these is DALLE2 that generates images and paintings from text prompts. The other was ChatGPT that got the company more popularity. It is a text based tool where one can generate anything text based like content, codes and so on.

Entering 2023, the initial romance of using AI tools began turning into a horror. Some people got laid off by the companies that started automating their tasks using AI tools.

Being a tech consulting company, we soon found ourselves surrounded by various questions.

Is AI going to take over the world? Will it take over humans? Will it take over jobs?

This prompted us to dive deeper about who would stay in the game longer, AI or human?

And guess what, our answer is no.

The only reason people like to use Artificial intelligence is speed and volume. Humans are definitely smarter than AI. The biggest irony is that computers with Artificial intelligence uses human intelligence to make decisions. Humans use machines for speed and volume. They treat wear and tear right away. But, if a human takes it all upon himself, this can affect his health. And yes, there’re plenty of jobs that AI can’t replace.

Will AI take over humans

4 Reasons Why AI Will Never Replace Humans?

There are plenty of shortcomings of Artificial intelligence tools that give humans an edge over them. We can never deny a possibility. Who knows if the technology in future evolves to overcome such limitations?

No Emotional Intellect

Artificial intelligence does not have emotions at all. It can at most fake them. Suppose we prompt ChatGPT into writing a sad story, so it can write the way someone feeling sad would. But, it would not be feeling such emotions itself. When an artist creates something, he expresses his emotions. But the work done by AI is blank, no matter how good it is.

Guess why the responses from ChatGPT turn out to be cheesy or extremely generalized?

Thus, it also lacks empathy.

No Creativity

Creativity is thinking of an out of environment context about the situation present. When a human is creative, the right hemisphere of his brain is active at that time. Yet, the Artificial intelligence processes the system. It does not have a brain of its own.

So, if you have the AI to think outside the box, sorry. It can only proceed with the data it has. You’ll have to scratch your own brain to come up with any idea.

Senses and Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP)

In general, we only have five senses; see, touch, taste, smell, and hear.

Many neuroscientists have found the presence of many more senses. We make use of them consciously or subconsciously.

There are many people who develop their existing senses to an extraordinary level. Like seeing at great distances. Having a sharp memory. Hearing to great distances. ability to guess ingredients or flavors by tasting or smelling or in fact. Guessing the person in a blindfolded state by the touch. Reading the minds. The list is long. This can be by practice, focus and exercise.

Modern science recognizes this phenomenon as Extra Sensory Perception (ESP). Many business personalities go by their gut feeling or intuition. They needn’t support their decisions with data.

Artificial intelligence has only those senses which are equipped in its system. It can not develop them further. Thus, we cannot expect it to have intuition or extra-sensory perception.

Learning and Adaptability

AI cannot expand on its own. To expand its coverage, developers have to feed it some extra code, data and information. Yet, a human mind has a vast yet unexplored potential.

We, as humans, are thus capable of expanding, learning and adapting.

In a Nutshell

Artificial Intelligence is capable of taking the load off the shoulders. Such load can involve redundant and repetitive tasks. Better that human beings should involve themselves in strategy, planning, and thinking tasks. This is because Artificial intelligence can do everything except thinking, having senses or emotions.

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